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Online races and rallies allow you to get behind the wheel of the fastest cars without leaving your home. By winning the next stages, the player not only improves his time, but also scores points or earns virtual money. Later, you can use them to unlock new routes, buy a new car or upgrade your existing one. Since the premiere of the first films from the Fast and Furious series, many car games allow you to tune the vehicles available in our garage.

Both the mechanical improvements that affect the handling and performance of the car, as well as visual tuning (body modifications, stickers, spoilers, alloy wheels) are an interesting addition to car games. Just designing the look of our car may take a long time, and there is a whole series of races and opponents ahead of us! Cars in the world of online games are a must-have for any fan of four wheels.

In addition to racing, other online games about cars are also prepared for automotive enthusiasts. Attempts to parking, operating various construction machines, bus and truck driving, which require precision, are just some of them.

Car games can be divided into two main categories - simulation and arcade. The former as much as possible reflect the realism of driving a real car, its mechanics and the correct selection of parts and features. Arcade games, on the other hand, will allow for a looser approach to the game, greater relaxation and the possibility of repeating levels multiple times.

aplikacja mobilna