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Battle games - blood can be spilled here

The theme of combat, war atmosphere, playing with weapons - these are the topics that frequently appear in browser games. If your heart beats faster as well, you will probably like battle games. Choose the competition category you want to engage in, the type of weapon and the fighting style to have the best fun. And if you have the time and willingness, test all the suggestions one by one! What, among other things, is worth paying attention to?

Tank Mayhem is a simple battle game for one or two people - so you can test it solo or invite a friend, brother or cousin to compete, depending on who you spend time with and what you like. One of the players controls the arrow keys, the other uses the ASWD combination. Your characters are tiny tanks that move around a flat labyrinth dotted with various objects. You have to collect these items and avoid blows from your opponent, while trying to brown him with your weapon. Nice and fun, right?

Battleship also falls under the slogan "battle games", although probably many people simply associate it with the good old classic. It's actually a virtual version of ships, where you arrange ships on your board and your opponent on your own, without showing each other where they are. Then the guesswork begins - you alternate betting where your opponent's mastheads are and whoever sinks the entire fleet first wins. Focus and act like a pure strategist!

aplikacja mobilna