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Finding couples - great fun not only for the youngest

A way for a gray and dark weekend? Matchmaking session! It's that simple, and how rewarding! If either you or the little ones around you are looking for a way to fill your time with amazing fun, here is the entire section especially for you. Among the browser-based suggestions, you can find games with different rules - from classics like Mahjong to various variations. Choose the atmosphere or theme that suits you best and pleases the eye while having fun.

Mahjong Candy is definitely a matchmaking puzzle for all foodies. Cute and colorful chocolates, candies, jelly beans or lollipops are just waiting for you to eat them… I mean, arrange them, of course! Look for identical pieces, but bear in mind that, as in classic Mahjong, they must be available - you can't just take the tile out of the pile. Note, the graphics are so cute it makes your mouth water! Better prepare yourself some snacks right away so that you don't feel sad while playing.

In Dream Pet Link, the search for pairs takes place on a board filled with charming and lovable animals. Find company for a crocodile, chicken or lion by choosing the tiles so that they can be connected with a broken line up to twice. Hurry up better - time is running out and inexorable! Will you manage to complete the entire task? Believe in yourself, strain your eyesight, and optionally find yourself a helper.

aplikacja mobilna