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The competition category is a long shelf with a variety of interesting titles. If you have a sports spirit and you like to compete with others - test browser games with the competitive aspect developed in various ways. Choose skill or logic games to face this challenge. Achieve better and better results by competing with others or simply with yourself, breaking your own records and climbing your personal achievement table.


Most classic games where there is competition have several options to choose from. Usually, it is a multiplayer version, in which you can compete with your friend, uncle or cousin, or solo - that is simply a game against the computer. The second suggestion often has a branching into various difficulty options that you can adjust to your own level of play, for example as you explore the game's secrets.


Regardless of whether your temperament is better suited to completely calm thinking games or dynamic games from the extreme sports category - browser games with competition in the background certainly have something interesting to offer you. The aspect of competition appears both in static classic chess and simple checkers, fun and engaging ski jumping or in card duels for cleverness and thinking. Beat your rivals by overtaking and outsmarting them in each of your favorite games. Challenge your friends to a duel!

aplikacja mobilna