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Cats - meowing companions of everyday games

Are you a cat lover or a cat lover? Or maybe you love all four-legged pets? Cat games are definitely something for you. They make the time pleasant, and they are not demanding at all, they do not leave hair on your furniture and you can spend as much time with them as you want - they never take offense at you and do not find other company for games. They usually appear in relaxing games that are also great for the youngest.

Kitty Cats is a great proposition for fun for people who dream of having a furry pet - here this wish can come true! Decide what you want it to look like and then become a caring caregiver or sitter. Feed your pet, show him the litter box, play together with the rubber mouse and reward the kitten with his favorite treat. Also, choose an appropriate outfit and take a photo session - in a charming suit and top hat or with a lovely bow. Pay attention to what the cat wants - clues appear in the clouds. Play with the mouse or touchpad.

Kitty Scramble, on the other hand, is a game in which smart cats challenge you - you have to arrange existing words from the scattered letters, in English in addition. Tune in to the challenge mode and discover new words - maybe it will be a good opportunity to repeat before the test? A cat's friend not only motivates you to learn, but also cheers you on and rewards you with points! Attend the task.

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