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1010 Treasures


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1010 Treasures - Collect precious treasures

Do you like puzzles in which you can feel like an architectural grandmaster, on whose shoulders you can fit the maximum number of pieces of furniture in a small square? Games like 1010 Treasures will give you this pleasure. Here is an interesting proposal in which you will not only face the traditional challenges of this type, but also your shoulders will be responsible for collecting a decent salary, i.e. gold coins placed on the board. Are you in?

1010 Treasures is a game in which you will definitely not get bored. Instead of the traditional model in which you compete against each other, beating your own records over and over again at a pace set by yourself, here you have much more demanding, dynamic and interesting tasks. On the board with dimensions of 10 × 10 there are the mentioned gold coins around which you have to arrange the blocks in such a way that the ready combinations form complete vertical or horizontal lines. Remember that coins cannot be covered - they are part of the whole, and your account is credited to your account when the column or row co-created by them disappears from the field of view.

As in a game with traditional rules, multicolored and multi-shaped blocks appear near the board, which you must skillfully place on the adjacent fields. Come up with your own tactic - do you focus on a horizontal or vertical arrangement? Combine and estimate what is more profitable, taking into account, of course, the distribution of the title treasures. 1010 Treasures has quite a few for you!

Unlike the classics, you have a lot of levels ahead of you that you have to overcome. Each coin is distributed differently, so it's up to you (and a bit of luck) to get you to the next level quickly. Note that 1010 Treasures playtime is not unlimited - if you spend too much time thinking it won't do any good. The game can also end with uneconomical handling of blocks - if you have nowhere to put another one, the game is over.

So enjoy your treasure hunt!

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