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Table tennis - bouncing to the rhythm of ping-pong

I guess it would be difficult to find a person who has never had contact with table tennis. This simple and popular game requires fine motor skills and reflexes as well as a certain grip - in real life, of course. In real life, you also need an opponent, a table with the right surface and a well-positioned net, and - of course - a ball. And in the browser version? Table tennis only requires a device with Internet access, a bit of time and sincere enthusiasm! You don't have to prepare anything or clean up after having fun.

Start with a single-player game to test what an online table tennis game looks like. Check and perfect your backhand and forehand by striking the ball rhythmically to the other side. There are versions where you bounce the ball off the wall as well as those where you compete against real opponents. Later, you can invite your friends to play, play against the computer or with players from all over the world.

The ball is round and there are two rackets, paraphrasing a hit. What is the conclusion? A pleasant competition 1: 1. The traditional rules of ping-pong are to hit the ball to the opponent's side in such a way that he cannot pick it up. When he falls off the table after touching the table on his side - he loses a point (similarly, of course, he will be on your side, but why bet on a weaker result?). Who will be the first to score the coveted 11 points?

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