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Who does not associate games from the Microsoft series? The collection installed with the Windows software includes classic titles that can be launched to pass the time and have fun. These include logical puzzles, some fun solitaire solitaires for loners and other addictive propositions. Since the first Windows, the list of games has been systematically expanded and their mechanisms improved. Today, you can also play each of these games simply in the browser of your computer or phone, even if you use a different operating system.

One of the iconic Microsoft games is Minesweeper, the popular Minesweeper. The player's task is to reveal all safe fields, and to help ourselves in this - we can mark potential minefields. There are different difficulty levels available, so when you get used to the basic one - jump to the next ones and act faster. Attention! One false move and… boom, it's over! In addition to Minesweeper, you can choose a calming Sudoku, an Asian math puzzle (no paper or pen needed!), Traditional Mahjong, in which you need to match cubes with patterns, or Microsoft Jewel, a simple game of arranging diamonds of the same color (category "match 3") .

Microsoft games are a fun way to do a little exercise for your brain. They are perfect for a break between classes or on a rainy afternoon. Thanks to precise statistics, you can compare your results and control your progress if you care about it.

aplikacja mobilna