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Stacking Lego bricks


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Stacking LEGO bricks - great fun for big and small

LEGO bricks are very popular all over the world. No wonder - arranging them is an extremely developing and very pleasant activity, where you can spend many hours. And what to do if you're so bored with all your home kits or, even worse, you don't have access to them when you're away or on a school break? A free browser game on Onlygames.io comes to the rescue. Arranging LEGO bricks is a transfer of this great fun to the virtual world. Isn't that great?

The game has nice graphics and a convenient interface, thanks to which you can play it on both desktop and mobile devices - the way you prefer. The LEGO Stacking game starts with picking that particular one from a wooden shelf filled with boxes with sets. Start with something simple - for example, a red bicycle, which you may associate with playing with blocks "in real life".

Now the real experience begins - after removing the packaging from the shelf, you have to open it, spread the strings of the bag, pour all the elements on the desk and look at them carefully. Then, in the right order, place them in the designated place - this way a complete structure will be created. The bike itself is the basic level of difficulty, because it is only three elements, but thanks to this you will get used to the subject and you will already know "what and how".

When you're done building your model, put it on the shelf to admire your creation. Good job! Now there are dozens more projects waiting for you to complete - you will certainly manage. Approach the topic methodically and watch carefully what elements should be added in a certain order. Or maybe you have an identical real set at home and this online LEGO stacking game will help you better understand how to build a structure correctly? Either way, you're sure to have a lot of fun with it. Have fun!

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