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Merge Fish


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Merge Fish - a fish puzzle

Are you looking for an opportunity to relax that requires absolutely nothing from you? Do you want to reset after a busy day? Merge Fish is a nice proposition for just such a moment for yourself. Easy rules, a colorful, small board and cute fish can become your company for the next fifteen minutes or as long as you want. A jigsaw puzzle without time pressure is definitely something for those who do not like to rush, compete and stress, or at least temporarily do not feel like it. Nothing stands in the way of playing Merge Fish and car racing full of adrenaline alternately.

Merge Fish is also a perceptiveness training. Introduce it to the youngest in the family for fun and satisfying fun that has no particularly complicated rules. They will surely like it! To the point - what is the game about? The player's task is to create fish compilations, according to a predetermined scheme. You have a small 5 × 5 tile board in front of you, the first fish appears, and when you click any point, the next one flows in. If identical fish touch the walls of their tile, they merge into a larger (and higher scored) fish. Simple isn't it?

At the top of the Merge Fish game board there is a small preview of what fish will come next, so there is no unpleasant surprise element. Plan the board as best as possible to accommodate lots of interesting fish species. You will find out every time you discover a new one - you will receive a message. Collect points and enjoy delicious!

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