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Love Tester 3 - moment of truth

Are you looking for a new partner or a new partner and you are not sure whether it is worth investing emotionally in a relationship with a specific person? Are you already dating someone, but you don't know if it's THEY? Or maybe you are looking for great fun for an evening with friends, St. Andrew's fortune-telling or Valentine's Day jokes? Love Tester 3 is a game that will tell you the truth. Discover your true destiny by finding out how much you have in common. Find out how big your match is, precisely recorded as a percentage. And then… Just take it all with a grain of salt.

You open Love Tester 3 on Onlygames and what do you see? A promising, energizing red background, a wonderful heart on the right, and on the left - fields where you can write your name and the names of your chosen one. You can also precisely specify the gender of the person you are planning to meet or are already dating, and then… It's time for great anticipation. Of course, the system knows exactly which person you mean and that's why it calculates your chances so precisely not to be wrong by even one percentage point. Eventually, a number appears in the great, pulsating heart; then everything becomes clear. You can also count on great, complementary advice, such as Go for it! (in free translation - go ahead!) or Hm ... It needs work.

One thing is certain - if you want a witty fun that everyone will certainly treat with distance, Love Tester 3 is something worth running. You don't need to invent papers and pens, and then search the Internet for a long time in search of fortune-telling for various occasions - just turn on the website with free games. Maybe it will prove inspiring for someone, and save someone else from making a life mistake? Please submit any complaints or grievances to your own parents and the chosen one - in the end, they probably decided on the choice of names, on the basis of which the soulless machine later calculates the probability of success.

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