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Ball Sort Puzzle New


O grze Ball Sort Puzzle New

Ball Sort Puzzle - a puzzle for a cub

What were your math lessons like in your school days or what are they like now if you are a student? Perhaps you are one of the lucky people who have the opportunity to learn scientific rules through play. You can also do it online - Onlygames offers you a nice offer, and it's completely free. Ball Sort Puzzle is a perfect puzzle for both younger and slightly older children, and in the case of quite adults - a good way to manage a free moment, for example, a break from work or study.

What is fun? You start with a few transparent vessels that are filled with colored balls. These balls must be properly sorted, and for this to happen, you must move them yourself. There are a few tricks here - the first one is that once you put a particular color in an empty jar, you can't put any other color in it. The second trick is that if you don't make the right decision right away, you may not be able to sort the balls properly.

Ball Sort Puzzle game forces you to start logical thinking, efficient combinations and predicting consequences. Although there is still room for error in the early stages, later on, when the difficulty level increases, it is completely gone. And how to play? All you have to do is click on the container from which you want to take the top bauble and it will jump up ready to be moved. Cyc - and that's it. If, however, when it is picked up, you press on a container that already has other colors in it, the movement will be reset.

Feel like Santa Claus, who sorts Christmas baubles - small balls look like them! Develop your own strategy and then act accordingly. Check, play and discover - that's what Ball Sort Puzzle is for. You will see how satisfying it is to solve increasingly difficult puzzles!

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