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Online crosswords - warm-up for your brain

If you like arranging letters in a set order and a bit of thinking as mental exercise - crosswords are definitely entertainment for you, also online. Take a comfortable position in your favorite armchair (unless you're standing in line, traveling by public transport, or doing something completely different), choose the version you want to test and start playing around. Remember to write correctly - knowing the rules of spelling may affect the result of the game. However, you won't need a writing tool - just a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Crossy Word is not only great fun, but also an opportunity to improve your English. If you want to test yourself with puzzles in this language, just click play. During the game, it is nice and colorful, and there is music playing in the background, which makes the game even more enjoyable (however, if you prefer to think in silence, you can turn it off). Are you having trouble guessing any of your passwords? This crossword gives you the opportunity to get (or rather buy) a hint - you just need to move the magic star to a specific field to see what letter it should be there.

Panoramic crosswords online for free

Panoramic crosswords are a simple form of game in which terms are placed in boxes along with indicating the direction and place of entering the words. Also in panoramic crosswords there is no free space between the entries because they overlap. It is best to start the game by entering passwords that you are sure of and then move on to more difficult items. When solving a panoramic crossword online, you may find yourself returning to previous items to check the correctness of the answer.

Crossword Puzzles, on the other hand, is a slightly greater intellectual challenge. If you know the language well and want to take a test of general knowledge (or even quite detailed knowledge in the case of some topics), this will be something for you. Once you solve one puzzle, move on to the next one - and so on. You can choose the size of the board you will play on.

Crosswords for kids online

The list of games we offer also includes crosswords for children. Thinking training is especially useful for young people, so you can find easier options on Onlygames. Colorful graphics and the nature of the game are intended to make online crossword puzzles more enjoyable for children, so test your knowledge and check what we have prepared for you!

There will be a large group of fans of easy crosswords, so check out all our suggestions to find your favorite game and train your mind every day on Onlygames!

aplikacja mobilna