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Vex - the iconic obstacle course

An obstacle course or maybe a playground (not only) for big children? It doesn't matter that it brings a lot of joy, laughter and satisfaction. What's the fun about? Vex is a simple (which does not mean: easy) platformer in which you play the role of a two-dimensional human - that is, a rather black, humanoid symbol on the board in front of you. The platforms in front of you form a complex and fantastic obstacle course with a high (and ever increasing) difficulty level, and your task is, of course, to complete it with the best style possible. At a fast pace and having a great time at the same time.

The games from the Vex series are several parts of an addictive, arcade platformer. Each version is slightly different from the previous one. You have a lot of levels to complete, plus various side challenges. It may be a bit tiring, but the satisfaction is guaranteed. It starts innocently - you test the game mechanics by jumping between simple blocks. Moments later, there is climbing, sliding, sliding down a rope, moving between obstacles that can hurt you (watch out for spikes). Do not give up!

How to play Vex? Use arrows and gray cells - it's just that and that much. When a new element appears, the game sends you hints in the form of short notes - for example, information on how to defeat a given structure. Go through the levels and get great trophies that you can then show off. It's not that simple at all!

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