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Unicorns - mythical, beautiful creatures

What do unicorns look like? Those who REALLY saw them tell fascinating stories about horses with impressive horns on their heads, with a gorgeous, often rainbow colored, and sometimes shimmering coat. They are characterized by a gentle disposition, friendliness and magical properties. They often appear as heroes of fantastic stories in books, movies or games. Do you want to get to know them better? Take a closer look at these free ones, they're just around the corner!

Unicorn Diamonds - it turns out that unicorns love sparkles! Help one of them deal with the colored diamonds, which should be sorted into the appropriate colored categories. It's a classic Match 3 game where you just have to keep a close eye on the shades and shapes and move the elements to combine them into at least triple builds. In this case, you have to complete 100 levels of increasing difficulty. Be patient, practice your perceptiveness and speed - it can get really hot with time!

It turns out, however, that not all unicorns are cute, lovable and kind! The game Mad Mad Unicorn is a good opportunity to get to know another side of their nature - predatory and untamed. The flying unicorn you control encounters helpless birds on its way, which it nudges with its horn and throws off its path. The more you can hit them, the better your score will be. So for the horse and for the fight!

aplikacja mobilna