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Horses in the lead role - browser games with a mount theme

Are horses your favorite animals? You just so happen to be in the right place - there is an abundance of games with them. These majestic creatures live in symbiosis with humans, allowing them to use sport in exchange for loving care. In the games, you will find, above all, exciting equestrian competitions in which you can prove your jockey skills. Try yourself in this role by choosing the most interesting offers of relaxing entertainment.

Horse Derby Racing is an exciting and fun proposition for one or two players - so if you fancy a little competition with your sister or friend, this could be a really good choice. The horse game on the Unity engine starts with choosing the perfect mount that, of course, is meant to lead you past the finish line to victory. Then decide (or decide!) On which continent the competition will take place - you can also choose ... the neighboring planet Mars, an unprecedented opportunity for a space adventure. Deal with your opponents by using the arrows to speed up your horse. Good luck!

Horse Racing 2D is another game in which horses play the first fiddle. Here, too, you need to choose the perfect race for you, and then face your opponents. The track is set in interesting locations, so you also have the opportunity to admire the picturesque graphic landscapes. Helmet on your head, saddle your horse and go for victory!



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