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Spider Man - get entangled in a spider's web

You know a blue and red comic book superhero who can do fantastic things? Spider Man also appears in a variety of browser games. Would you like to explore them? They are simple and technically not demanding, all you need is some free time and healthy enthusiasm!

In Spidey Swing from the Spider Man series, your character uses a spider's web like a swing, which allows you to swing sideways and make a long jump. Your task is to move smoothly between the platforms so as not to damage the Spider Man character (blood may appear, watch out for the vulnerable!) And efficiently reach the marked yellow line. There are a lot of levels, and with each subsequent one, of course, the level of difficulty increases. Use the arrows to control the hero and stand out on the space bar (and if you prefer, you can also switch to the mouse). Collect stars for completing each task. Good luck!

An interesting proposition is also the platformer Super Heroes Ball in the release with Spider Man. You have to move around the board, rolling your ball (or actually: rolling) and overcoming various obstacles. Collect stars, balloons or interesting bonuses and make your way to the farthest corners of the game without getting caught or damaged by any sinister characters. Your skill level grows over time, but your agility, accuracy, and smarts also grow. So get to work!

aplikacja mobilna