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Heads soccer - the ball is round and the goals are usually ... two

Are you a sports freak and football is your real horse? Or maybe you are the so-called Sunday fan and only watch matches from time to time? Regardless of what draws you to this wildly popular sport, you may want to test games from the category ... head soccer. Sounds intriguing? Check if it's something for you! The game is not about bouncing the ball only with the head - it is about limiting the body surface of players almost to the very, disproportionately large head.

Among the games in this series, you can choose the Fiveheads Soccer version, in which you decide for which country you play for, Football Heads, where you will find the option to personalize the appearance and styling of individual players, or Dream Head Soccer, allowing you to play the role of the world's most popular players . Each of these proposals is exciting fun, and of course, the most important thing is efficient action and successful attacks on the goal.

What does football with heads look like? Each version is slightly different - you have one athlete or the entire team at your disposal, many elements are personalized, and the player's movement is done using arrows or other keys. The goal, however, is always the same - to move the spherical object into the opponent's goal, score points, and then win the game. Let the cheers of the fans cheer you up for the fight. If you lose, remember: nothing happened.

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