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Jumping - simple Olympic fun or training

Jumping is a prosaic activity, and in computer games - an indispensable element of overcoming obstacle courses, for example in all kinds of platformers. You have to face it when you decide to play with the Bouncing Ball or the Lamb Shaun - you can't go without it! You will also play Olympic athletics competitions or a simple game with a bunny for whom jumping from one point to another on the map is not a feat. How about ski jumping? There are plenty of proposals, check out a few of them!

For example, Tomb Runner, which evokes obvious associations with the classic not only among experienced gamers, is a nice arcade game. It does not have much in common with the said Tomb Raider, except maybe for a few trifles. The main character's adventures are a journey through roads and wilderness, in pursuit of coins and glory. Steer it in such a way as to neatly avoid all obstacles - jumping and crawling are your basic skills. Collect gold and any bonuses you will encounter on your way.

Hurdles, or hurdles, is your chance to prove yourself in a real track and field competition. Choose which country your player should represent - maybe Jamaica or Russia? - and get ready in the starting block. Race with opponents, efficiently overcome obstacles on the track - jumps must be thoughtful and precise. Be the first to reach the finish line and win the entire event - yes, it is that simple, and how rewarding!

aplikacja mobilna