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PUBG Pixel - the game for everything

Do you like multiplayer shooters? PUBG Pixel is definitely something worth your attention. These are dynamic and very exciting games in which you play the role of a participant in a great battle. It begins innocently - with the choice of the character (depending on the part, there are, among others, a tourist, policeman or farmer, as well as a professional soldier) and giving her a name. This is a hero who will stay with you for all the fun. How long? This is influenced by how long you can stay in the game.

PUBG Pixel is quite a brutal game, so definitely not suitable for children. You move through a war zone with a weapon in your hand, and your goal is to kill all enemies. You have to do this, otherwise they will get you and you will only be left with a bloody stain. For starters, you need to decide where the action takes place (though you don't have much choice yet) and whether you play FPS or TPS. Then there is an animation with a military fighter from which you jump out with a parachute to get to the right place.

You move around the terrain with the arrows and the cursor, and when necessary - you shoot by clicking. At the top right, you can see how many people you have to shoot to win the game. To win in PUBG, you will need iron nerves, accuracy, perceptiveness and determination. Stay last on the battlefield and win. Don't let yourself come from behind - the eyes around your head will certainly not be in the way. Good luck!

aplikacja mobilna