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Pigs - pink playmates

Sweet and adorable little pigs often appear in animated films for children or in browser games. Usually, playing with them is great for toddlers, because they do not contain particularly difficult tasks or drastic content. Choose your favorite one and enjoy the company of a nice pink snout and a curly tail!

The Peppa Pig Adventures game, created on the Unity engine, is a proposal that will captivate the hearts of not only every preschooler. This is a simple and intuitive platform game in which you play as a character - and how! - the title pig. Your task is to move around the board in a clever way, collecting coins and various bonuses, and avoiding opponents such as sneaky snails. All the fun takes place in a nice atmosphere, and the keyboard controls are really simple - the game is highly responsive.

Another option, especially recommended for kids, is BTS Pig Coloring Book, a virtual version of the coloring book. By choosing such a game, you not only save resources in the form of cards and crayons or paints, but also reduce the potential clutter and create the option of drawing in any conditions - whether during a long journey by public transport or in the boring queue at the checkout in a supermarket. In this case, the Back To School series offers four sketches of cute pigs that you can give natural or completely abstract colors. Pleasant color matching!

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