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Physics - games for (not only) young scientists

If physics is your favorite school subject, regardless of whether you are still studying or just remembering your school days with fondness, then you are in the right place. The games in this section play and learn, and it is said that this is how we learn most effectively. Maybe you want to test it your own skin? Turn on free browser games at Only Games and enjoy the joy of discovering physical curiosities.

Physics and its laws are fascinating! Similar slogans can be found at science festivals in various Polish schools at all levels of education. It's hard to disagree with that! For example, test Colored Water and Pin, a game in which you have to use the ability to think logically, based on the knowledge of the principles of physics. In front of you are tanks with colored liquid and empty containers (marked in such a way that it is clear where and what to pour). By moving the little valves, you release a stream of liquid, allowing it to pass into the beaker. Be careful not to create any explosive mixture and keep a close eye on the paths of the substances. Thanks to this you will avoid mistakes.

In Collect Balls In A Cup your task is to throw the colored balls into the cup. First, you can easily familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, thanks to the lack of a time limit. The game, like the above-mentioned proposal, consists in adjusting narrow valves that block the flow of ball movement. The balls must be able to pass freely without any obstacles on their way. So watch out for bombs that can thwart your ambitious plans!

Also remember that white elements need to be colored, which you can do by mixing them with candy equivalents. Although the gameplay begins with a simple change, which can also be met by children, with time there will be mechanics, where physics is at a more advanced level - there will be an opportunity to think about it. A relaxing melody in the background will make your time spent combining more enjoyable. Will you be tempted to take a round?

aplikacja mobilna