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Offroad games - stray from the adventure path

In everyday life, are you looking for adventures all the time and you still don't have enough adrenaline, or do you avoid extreme entertainment and prefer quiet afternoons with a book and a cat on your lap? Regardless of your motivation, off-road games can be a natural continuation of your online hobbies or a springboard from the standard operating mode. Let yourself be drawn into exciting fun - joy and a dose of adrenaline guaranteed!

Real MTB Downhill 3D is a fun in the form of a mountain biker, perfectly prepared in terms of graphics. If you are drawn to the mountains and you want a truly extreme experience, be sure to test this off-road game. There are breathtaking sceneries in front of you (to discover them all, you need to successfully complete previous levels), lots of details and obstacles. You have a water bottle with an energy drink and additional lifebuoys at your disposal - they can definitely be useful to you. You steer the cyclist with the arrows. Go on an adventure and remember - if you don't fall over, you won't learn.

Neon Biker is a completely different type of fun. Although you also play the role of an extreme cyclist here, it is a simple but also very rewarding 2D game. Using the keys on the mouse (or the touchpad) you move over bumpy terrain, trying to stay upright (and alive). There are quite a few levels, and the difficulty level, of course, increases. Master the basic stunts and become the master of the steering wheel.

aplikacja mobilna