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Noob - an adventure straight from Minecraft

Who is Noob from the hugely popular Minecraft series? He is a character who knows little, has problems with something all the time, he lacks skills, willingness to develop or experience, and many of his activities end up in an ordinary defeat. On top of that, there are sometimes fooling around, not very bright jokes and so on ... Even though it doesn't sound particularly optimistic, playing with Noob can be really enjoyable. It turns out that he is a person with a big heart who will not leave others in need, and in the event of a clear reason or a crisis situation, he can find in himself not only a lot of good will, but also determination to act effectively. Get to know him from the good side and choose great fun!

Noob vs 100 zombies is a game in which our crosshair character is extremely brave, focused on the goal and resourceful. It begins innocently - it is lying in a meadow, when suddenly a pet in need is found, stuck in the midst of a fire caused by sneaky zombies. You have to try to save them, using all your dexterity, cunning and bravery.

You are equipped with a very makeshift weapon, which, however, is quite effective against the undead. With its help, you have to take them… Life, and then return them to the land of shadows. It starts very simply - for training purposes, one individual is simply standing in front of you, and you can check what and how. Then the stairs begin - literally! Metal shields, locked doors, effective dams ... Find them out!

In the game Arena: Noob vs. pro you fight other characters. It's something like a Paintball or Laser Tag training ground transferred to the screen, but with an imitation of a real weapon. Practice taking shots with the buttons, then fight back. Your allies are the various walls, walls and curves of the terrain, where you can find a safe haven from enemy arrows. Do not get approached by smart rivals, be cunning and cunning.

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