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Netflix - iconic series with a unique character

Streaming services enjoy enormous popularity all over the world. Netflix is perhaps the most widespread platform. You will find here not only interesting movies, but also valuable series on various topics. The most famous productions also appeared as games. So Netflix has inspired many of them! See what your favorite series are the source of games at Only Games!

Stranger Things Christmas Party is definitely a noteworthy game. It is based on the cult series about young people living in the American town of Hawkins in the 1980s. This series has a million fans and fans from all over the world! If you're watching it right now, or you've watched all the episodes, you'll love this related game. Netflix won't provide you with as much entertainment as it does!

What is the gameplay about? Create unique Christmas party creations for Will, Dustin, Eleven, Mike and Lucas. You can have fun creating unusual combinations of different clothes. And don't forget about Christmas greetings with flickering lights! Get caught up in dressing games in the atmosphere of Stranger Things now!

Are you a fan or a fan of the unforgettable Squid Game series and looking for a related game? Netflix, by broadcasting this Korean series, began a new chapter in the history of film production. There was no such series at that moment yet! No wonder that it has irretrievably drawn millions of viewers. If you want to feel the atmosphere of this series once again, play Squid Shooter.

You have the opportunity to play the roles of quite mysterious and little-known characters from Squid Game - the guardians of this mysterious tournament! You are given a gun and your task is to deal with players who do not comply with the rules of the game. When you hit them, a coffin with a bow will appear, just like from the series! Over time, when you perform well, you will receive an improved weapon. Check if you have the dexterity enough to do your job!

aplikacja mobilna