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Music games are simple arcade titles that require the player to have a good sense of rhythm.

The most famous music games are Guitar Hero, which allows you to play the role of a guitarist from a famous band and play songs known from the radio by following the instructions on the screen (pressing the buttons in the right order), and the Just Dance dance series. After starting one of these games, the player scores points for playing or dancing with precision.

Music games allow you to develop a sense of rhythm and passion for music. Although we probably won't learn to play the piano while playing with the stimulator of the piano or the guitar, such fun may persuade the player to buy a real instrument and learn to play lessons.

As you overcome the road in the browser music game Beat Line, you have to get into the rhythm and feel the beat flowing from the speakers - you will change direction with rhythmic clicks, and this will allow you to complete the next levels. Each change of direction is signaled with an appropriate sound in the background music. The initially calm music gains momentum and later in the game it gets hot like in a real music club!

The Piano Tiles music game is available in a computer browser and on a mobile device, and consists in clicking the appropriate fields. Each such field represents one piano note, and the whole - pressed in the right order and at a good pace - forms one of the classic melodies. You can challenge your friends and see who gets the better result - I wonder if your friend who plays the piano will be better than you in this game?

aplikacja mobilna