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Do you enjoy arcade games with motor vehicles in the lead role? Moto X3M games are definitely something for you. Dynamic gameplay on a two-wheeled vehicle is a bit of adrenaline and healthy competition with yourself. Jump (and also: pass and fly!) Through the levels and beat your own records by mastering somersaults and other interesting maneuvers. But first, of course, learn to drive a straight route and don't let it explode or slide into the abyss as a result of a bad decision ...

The Moto X3M is available in several different themes - classic Race, with a rocky track and cool variations to make, winter with a slightly festive, snowy background and colorful Christmas tree decorations, Spooky Land with a pumpkin and Halloween themes from fear, and Pool Party - on vacation the atmosphere of a seaside resort. Each game is divided into many levels, each of which is more and more difficult. Better fasten your helmet ...

The motorcycle rider is controlled by means of arrows. You need to feel the driving of the vehicle well, so as not to overdo it with acceleration and always land on all fours after aerial stunts. Play as a racing stuntman, take risks and collect recognition stars as you complete the levels. Be careful not to land in the snow / under water / in a slimy green goo… It can't be fun, and it certainly doesn't help you win trophies!

aplikacja mobilna