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Memory games - train gray cells

Among internet browser games you can find a lot of valuable, developing entertainment. It includes all kinds of memory games, primarily memory card games. It's a good idea to keep your toddler busy on a boring, rainy evening or during winter break, when other ideas for fun have already run out. Simple games of this type always work, they bring a lot of joy and benefits in the form of brain training.

Spooky Memory is a memory game based on the classic rules - a set of cards facedown towards you hides pairs. However, they are not ordinary, because they refer to one of the favorite holidays in the United States, i.e. Halloween. The mysterious atmosphere is also emphasized by matching music, which makes the fun more enjoyable. Later in the year, a large part of the world celebrates Christmas, and on this occasion you will also find something romantic - Christmas Card Memory invites you with a soothing melody, snowmen, baubles and gingerbread cookies.

Speaking of sweets, memory games are also represented by Dalgon's Cookies, a game referring to the famous Squid Game series - you turn over the cookie cutters, check what shape is inside, and then adjust them to each other. Fortunately, the consequences of the mistake are not as terrible as in the Korean production! Are you looking for something different? Funny Faces is a game just right for young children - they have to remember the faces presented to them and then imitate them on the heads of the characters by arranging their eyes, nose and hair.

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