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KOGAMA - not only for younger users

Do you know what KOGAMA is? In short, it is a portal where you will find browser games for children and teenagers (you can also create and share them!), Primarily associated with graphics drawn in a characteristic way. There are simple and easy to use (all you need to do with a keyboard) games, sports and adventure, there are also animals - to choose from, to suit the color. How will you start your exploration of the irregular terrains?

KOGAMA Ski Jumping is a proposition for sports freaks, especially those who are passionate about winter activities. As in all games in the series, your default character is a funny yellow man - unless you choose otherwise. Snow-capped peaks, crowded stands, high jump, prepared podiums - you can explore all this in search of magical secret passages and interesting secrets. Join the blue or red team to contribute to their victory.

And here is a proposal for those who would like to visit the zoo on Sunday, but something has stopped them - KOGAMA ZOO is a humanitarian, safe and ethically run place, and admission is completely free. Visit reptiles, birds, mammals large and small, find your favorite penguins or elephants, and at the same time look for golden stars scattered throughout the territory of the object, which are your true target. Combine pleasant with even more fun!

aplikacja mobilna