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Jeja games - something for fans of relaxing entertainment

What games can you find under the jeja tag? This is a whole list of interesting proposals, with the classics at the forefront. They are the perfect choice for long, winter evenings, when it's freezing cold outside, and you have to somehow spend your time listening to music or your favorite podcast. These are offers that do not require special focus or a high level of sophistication - you can also start them by traveling by train or tram, or waiting in line at the store.

Move The Pin is one of those games with the tag jeja. What is its mechanism? Well ... on the title moving the pin, i.e. from English - moving the pin. You have a large container with colorful balls in front of you, like in a lottery ticket. Your task is to remove the lock in such a way that only the right specimens are placed in the tank below. At the beginning it is very simple, but in the next level there are unwanted gray balls that can mix up the patterns. Make sure they don't take up valuable space by messing around in this logical puzzle.

Bubble Shooter 2020 is a modern edition of a real classic. You play the role of a cute raccoon (or a raccoon mum) and throw balls at the copies hanging above. Aim in such a way as to connect sections of identical shades together - thanks to this you will be able to save your little ones who will fly to you on umbrellas! Choose the right trajectory of movement. Good luck!

aplikacja mobilna