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Hangman - a bit of a spooky guessing game

It's fair to say that Hangman is as old as the world and a bit scary at the same time. This is a good way for long, autumn evenings - if you are sitting with your siblings and you have no idea for fun, and some pieces of paper are somehow not at hand. The popular Hangman makes you focus on building the expression, forces you to combine and stimulates your imagination. Language games like this one help to get the gray cells moving a bit, which is only positive. They are even suitable for children - the only condition is reading ability.

Do you know what the Hangman is all about? Here's a classic word puzzle where you guess. An encrypted password appears and your task is to suggest letters that could be in it. If you hit - the mark appears in its place in the row, but if you miss - a fragment of ... a gallows appears in the picture next to it. Don't let your competitor (in the case of the browser version - automatic) draw the whole thing with the hanging Hangman! Focus and guess the password asap.

The Hangman comes in several varieties, and each one is subtly different, although the principles are the same. Traditional Classic Hangman is an option for everyone, Kids Hangman - specially created for children, and Halloween Hangman was probably created in case the regular version is not scary enough. Choose your favorite one, preferably by testing all of them. Become a word master with the hangman and involve children in developing entertainment. Remember: cleverness is what counts!

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