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What is your favorite leisure activity? If the answer is word games and various charades - test password guessing games. This form of entertainment is great when you want to relax and strain your brain a bit at the same time. Play as a word detective and play around with hidden passwords. Will you be a word master?

One of the most popular password guessing games is the good old hangman. What is the Hangman idea? It's very simple: you guess what letters are in the indicated password and every time you hit - the letters appear in the right place. However, if you point out the wrong types ... the gallows are growing for you! This rather brutal metaphor can lead to a complete failure when you miss so many times that the hanging stick gains all the pieces. Parts of the structure are drawn one after the other, and then parts of the hanged man's body.

Online password guessing games have a few additional advantages over the "live" ones. First of all, these are ecological advantages - you usually need a lot of paper to play, which is a valuable resource. You can contribute to saving forests by choosing to play less waste! Second - learning new words! Various browser games are available in several language versions, so you can learn a bit, for example, in German or French while having fun. Learning through play!

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