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Shooting games are a very popular genre of games that can be run in a browser or on a mobile device. One of the types of shooters are games with a view from the perspective of the character controlled by the player. These are first person shooters, or FPS.

FPS games allow you to feel like a commando, whose task within a given board is to defeat the opponents on it. Different types of weapons that will be suitable for different applications may make it easier. A sniper weapon will help you hit the enemy from a long distance. A machine gun will be good for close combat, while melee weapons - a knife, bow or sword - will allow you to defeat the enemy silently.

The FPS Shooting Strike: Modern Combar War 2k20 game available on the OnlyGames.io platform is a game that uses the advanced Unity engine, it is a more advanced title of the game in which the player has the ability to move around a large map and use multiple weapons to defeat all opponents there. .

Elite Ghost Sniper, on the other hand, is a much less dynamic game, although it provides the same emotions. The player is moved to the times of World War II and while being in a safe hiding place (on the roof of the building), he can focus on eliminating the enemies on the board.

In the browser FPS game Dead Zed, the player's task is to defeat subsequent, attacking waves of zombies who are trying to catch the player-controlled character.

aplikacja mobilna