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Doctor - delicious online fun

Among browser games, everyone will find a number of propositions for themselves. Regardless of whether you like to explore new products, or you already have your own type of games and only play them in your spare time - the choice is really huge. The doctor's motive appears here and there, so you can decide whether you want to empathize with the human, "real" doctor, or delve into the world of Dr. Panda. In both versions, lots of adventures and fun await you!

One of the most interesting proposals in which you are waiting for the role of a serious doctor is Ear Clinic, in which you play the role of an ENT doctor. Patients appear with various types of ailments, and your task is to perform procedures that will ensure that they will no longer have hearing problems. The difficulty increases with each new level, so get ready for the challenge! You do the operations with the cursor, so the mechanism is really simple. Be careful with your patients' sensitive ear canals so as not to hurt them.

Doctor Panda is a series of cute games in which you play as a cute bamboo bear. You can build a real panda empire - a functioning farm, restaurant, kindergarten, school and airport. Make sure that all animal characters feel good and have a delicious time. This is also a tip for you - organize virtual reality in such a way that you have the best time yourself. The games have a simple point and click mechanism.

aplikacja mobilna