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Doctor games - online mission to save people

Do you want to check if you have the makings of a medic? Or maybe you are getting ready for such a career? Do not hesitate any longer and test your medical skills and competences by playing games from this category. Play as doctors, save people's lives and perform complex operations, thanks to which you will gain new skills, fun and satisfaction, and in games - good scores, recognition and a high position in the tables of results. Doctor games are as exciting as military games or races!

One of the interesting proposals on the list is the game Ear Clinic, i.e. in Polish, Klinika Ucha. Imagine that you are a famous (or maybe a beginner?) ENT specialist and your task is to take care of human ears. As a doctor, different patients come to you - younger and older, more and less scared. Make sure that the treatments you perform on them are precise, effective and painless. What is your job? You have to get all unnecessary elements from the ears of the characters, such as earwax, hair or… larvae (where did they get there ?!). You earn points for each successful procedure. Remember that the next levels get more and more difficult!

Thanks to the multi-level of tasks, doctor games are interesting and never boring. A large number of variables allows for a constant rotation of tasks to be performed, and the increasing level of advancement creates new challenges for players. Become a real master of medical games and help virtual people by building your position of an experienced doctor.

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