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Dentist - online dental treatment

A dentist is not the most visited person in the world - visits to sterile offices are often associated with pain and various unpleasant procedures. Online games with this theme are a way to disenchant dental meetings, which are de facto necessary for maintaining oral health. What to do to get used to dental doctors? Perhaps browser games will be helpful, in which you simply have to experience it, but without the element of stress or the risk of difficult sensations. If you have children, they are likely to overcome the fear of the dentist this way as well.

Dental Care Game is a game where you stand on the other side of the chair and turn into a doctor. You have to take care of all your brave patients from your computer or mobile device. Don't worry if you don't have medical knowledge and no experience in treating teeth, and your manual skills don't go beyond cutting vegetables into uneven cubes - nothing like that will be needed here! A functional mouse, touchpad or touchscreen is enough. Lead the patient to the chair and then look into his mouth - there is certainly a lot going on there. Use your specialized tools to ease his pain.

Become A Dentist is a game on a similar principle, but more challenging - you have many levels in front of you, and in each of them there is a patient with a specific problem with dentition. As a dentist, you need to recognize a medical condition and then treat it with an arsenal of practical accessories. Good luck!

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