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Dating - emotional online trysts

Games from the dating section are a perfect proposition not only for virtual rendez-vous. They are a great equivalent of romantic comedies, when you have already completed all of the streaming services available, and you want to have a pleasant entertainment in this atmosphere. It is also a great idea to get into the atmosphere of Valentine's Day (if this is the time of the year). Watch the growing tension and flirting between the two heroes and even bring them closer to each other.

The Kissing at Work game is a fun challenge, with no dating as such, but with office circumstances, computers, lots of things to do on the screen, and a menacing, mustachioed boss. What's your job? As soon as your supervisor turns around - whether it's to answer the phone or to reach for the water - you accost your coworker by kissing him unexpectedly. You can do this until the gray-haired man turns his head to your side - then you should pretend to be innocent and act as if nothing had happened. The longer you kiss, the more points you accumulate on your account! Remember, however, that if you are caught, you may lose your job ...

Mermaid Cinema Flirting, in turn, is a standard exit to the cinema (but not a movie) of a couple in love - as Prince Eryk you are trying to convince your partner to madly fall in love with you. Your weapons are chatting, offering popcorn and kissing. If you succeed, as a reward you can change clothes and make a small photo session.

aplikacja mobilna