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CS Go - become the most specialized shooter

Are you fascinated by the dark scenery of survival shooters? Do you like getting a solid dose of adrenaline from the games you choose for long rainy afternoons? CS Go shooters certainly deserve your attention. The choice of this type of games in your browser is huge, so you will have enough options for many days. Or maybe you will find your favorite one that will accompany you whenever you want a session of undisturbed gaming and delicious fun?

Survival Shooting Xtreme Crazy Pixel Combat is one of such survival games, developed with the Unity engine technology. What does it mean? Interesting graphic effects, well-designed scenery and a lot of interesting options to choose from. Decide on which server you play and whether you prefer single or multiplayer fun. You also have the option to choose how you control your character. Then, in a CS Go game, you go to the first of 35 levels (the next ones are locked with padlocks - you need to unlock access to them) and start playing. Remember: the sooner you shoot others, the less chance you have of dying yourself. Good luck!

Bullet Party can also be included in the CS Go category. This is an FPS game (you play the role of a shooter and observe reality from his perspective) in multiplayer mode. Connect with players from all over the world to then cooperate and compete with them, help each other and fight each other. Become a veteran of the thrilling war game. Be careful and don't get fooled - there is an opponent around every corner!

aplikacja mobilna