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Connecting the dots games - fun for big and small

Simple, fun and undemanding - that's how you can describe games of connecting the dots. They are known for their paper versions, for example as coloring puzzles for children. In the online edition, the fun is just as fun and the possibilities are almost endless - so use them all equally. It's also a great way to keep your little ones busy, for example on a long journey!

How to play Link The Dots? The title literally meaning "Connect the dots" is probably a sufficient instruction - you should touch successive numbers and create lines connecting them with the next ones. When you manage to reach the last one, the contours will show you what drawing was made. Perhaps, for example, a paper airplane? A simple and rewarding puzzle to help you calm down and relax, for example after a long day at work or school. Start with an easy level, and when you gain skill, move to a higher one to test yourself there.

Flow Mania is also a game of connecting the dots, but a challenge of a slightly different caliber. Choose how big the board you want to play (this will determine the difficulty level), and then create connections between the colored dots that you will see in front of you. The lines you draw with the cursor (or with your finger, in the case of a touch screen) cannot cross each other, so it is not that easy! Master the combination - let each color have its own separate route.

aplikacja mobilna