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Assassin - become a legendary dark assassin

The stories of assassins go back many years, and these interesting and terrifying characters have been reflected in many movies and games. Under the tag assassin you will now find a lot of interesting game proposals that will allow you to empathize with the role of a mythical killer. Test your strength and meet the challenges that will be presented to you.

Killer Assassin is one of the reflex games. You move through a small labyrinth that also houses your opponents and objects that you need to "remove". Find your way to them by moving across the board territory and stay clear of them. Be like a brave warrior who cannot be mixed up - you have a plan and you have to complete it 100%, and if it fails - you go back to the previous level. It is a game that you can play both from your computer and from your mobile device.

You can also play Super Sniper Assassin from any equipment. It's a fairly classic shooter where you observe the world through your gun's visor and have specific characters to kill. Make sure to take your aim before you fire - inaccuracies don't count! You will need reflexes, composure, accuracy and perceptiveness, and if you have these qualities - everything will go smoothly. If you don't have them developed at a high level, don't worry - this game will give you the opportunity to polish them. So roll up your sleeves and go!

aplikacja mobilna