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Browser internet games are not only about racing or collecting colorful brilliants. They are also games of arranging words from letters, i.e. linguistically developing games from various categories. If you don't want to waste paper drawing another hangman, choose the ecological version and just run the game in your browser, repeating words from English or French at the same time. Do not let the convict hang from the gallows, skillfully combining and matching letters until a meaningful word is formed.

Arranging words from letters is also a fantastic training for perceptiveness. Choose to search for words in a square frame and combine as many meaningful words as possible, also in the language of your choice, within the specified time. Combine horizontally, vertically, from the back and diagonally - just to find as many of them as possible as quickly as possible. The more you find, the more points you'll earn in the ranking. Time is running out!

These types of puzzles are a fun way to spend time. If you are just sitting at home with your younger sister and you already lack ideas for organizing a developing game - organize a small competition based on simple games with making words from letters in the lead role. Who can figure out more? Who is more perceptive? Who is up to speed faster? Check it out by entering your own competition rules - for example, by making a note of the results in notes on your phones. Great fun guaranteed!

aplikacja mobilna