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Vampires - dark figures from the dark

Can the games featuring vampires only be played after dark? The probability is so high, but you can check it out! These are interesting fantasy characters that you surely know from various cultural texts. They are bloodthirsty, often depicted with huge fangs covered with red liquid, wearing black robes and somewhat like bats. However, they can also be quite cute - why not?

Dracula, Frankenstein & co is a crew of terrifying characters - the most famous vampire, known from books by Mary Shelley, the terrifying creature and their auxiliary brigade (werewolf and mummy). This is an RPG game that is about building a terrible empire - you have to work out the best way to kill all the villagers. Streamline your activities by investing in resources and resources, while running a kind of enterprise. Make a perfect plan and don't let things go wrong.

Vampire Dress Up is proof that vampires love to dress up and look beautiful. All types of make-up look great on their white complexion, so you can go crazy with the colors. Choose all the elements for your character - from the shape and color of the eyes or eyebrows, makeup, through hairstyle, to clothing. Finally, arrange a photo session - in the dark, of course, near a dark castle or somewhere in the wilderness. While playing, you can spend some time with the atmospheric background music.

aplikacja mobilna