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Do you have the precision and tenacity of a professional shooter? Or maybe you want to prove yourself in this role? You will probably like sniper games, a whole range of ways to test heavy weapons in action. Test your dexterity, precision and reflexes, while not harming anyone or risking yourself in reality.

Sniper games are a category that can be broken down into different genres and subcategories. One of them are very simplified games with geometric characters, 2D graphics and relatively truncated, but often very interesting options. This includes, for example, Perfect Snipe Online, in which you target red characters and shields. There are over 20 levels to complete, and each of them gives you the opportunity to earn stars and secret keys that open up new possibilities. A similarly simple game is Super Sniper Assassin, a proposal in which each level presents you with a new mission - find and shoot the right person. Make no mistake! Both games are perfect for smartphones and other mobile devices.

The second subtype consists of more complex, graphically and plot more interesting games. Created in 3D graphics, they please the eye with interesting details. It includes, among others, the city sniper Sniper 3D Gun Shooter, or Elite Ghost Sniper. Find yourself on the battlefield and strike with precision. Remember that this is just a game, but due to the presence of violence, it is not recommended for children.

aplikacja mobilna