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Minesweeper is a classic single player computer game. Minesweeper is known to many computer owners because it was included for free with every older Windows system (up to Windows 7), like several other games - solitaire, mahjongg, and chess.

The rules of the sapper are very simple - initially the player sees the board with hidden fields. The player marks the next fields and learns what is hidden under them - a bomb (then the player loses), nothing (empty field), or a number indicating how many bombs are on the fields adjacent to the revealed one. Thanks to such hints, the player is able to discover all the fields on which there is no bomb (sometimes also called a mine), thereby winning the game.

The game settings allow you to change the size of the playing field and the number of bombs there - this way you can adjust the difficulty of the game (the probability of hitting a mine during a "blind" shot). Minesweeper games in the browser version may also contain additional, interesting options, such as a tutorial, changing graphics or music during the game.

The better the player is at sapper, the fewer moves he needs to solve this popular board puzzle. The second parameter is time - the faster the solving of the board, the better the result.

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