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Pregnancy - games with a waiting theme

Regardless of whether the pregnancy is behind you, you are planning it, or if this topic does not occupy a place in your head at all, games in which pregnancy occurs can be an interesting pastime for you. The game of waiting for a baby contains elements of excitement and preparation for a new role. How will you perform in it? Test your caring skills by playing games with this theme.

Ice Pricess Pregnant Caring is an offer in a fairy-tale, candy scenery. Smiling Elsa has a big belly and needs to be taken care of. How to take care of it? Make sure it looks nice - taking care of your hair and skin is important for keeping them in great condition and for the well-being of a pregnant woman. Help her to wash herself, make a beautiful braid. Also, do not forget about delicious food and drinks - after all, the girl has to nourish not only herself, but also the baby who develops in her. Finally, put headphones on your tummy to listen to some music. And then it's time to go to the tests and check if everything is fine with the baby and the future mother.

Apple Princess Pregnant Check Up is a care simulator for a person who is expecting a baby. In this case, the fun begins in the office, where you have to prepare the woman for routine examinations and take care of her comfort. Pregnancy requires special supervision and monitoring of the condition of mum and baby, so checking the temperature, auscultation, measuring blood pressure, ultrasound are only some of the points to check off the list of your tasks. Spread protective wings!

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