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Ponies - nice miniatures of horses

Ponies are one of the favorite pets of many children. They are associated with miniatures, so they automatically bring to mind connotations with minor characters. They also often appear as the leitmotif of children's films, fairy tales or games, including computer games. What interesting propositions with these animals in the lead role can be found?

My Little Pony Unicorn Dress Up is one such option. It is a classic dress up, so it will be especially popular with toddlers aged 10 or so, but also with slightly older children. It has a convenient and practical interface that will also work on mobile devices with a touch screen. What is your job? The title ponies or unicorns need careful care - you have to support them in finding the most beautiful outfits, hairstyles and decorations. Help them find the best options to look really amazing. While having fun, you can turn on relaxing music that will make the whole process more pleasant. Finally, you should make a photo session using the camera's pictogram - thanks to this you will keep the effects of your work for longer.

BTS Pony Coloring Book is a nice online coloring book. Without unfolding sheets, looking for crayons and a comfortable place to draw, you can provide yourself or your children with a pleasant relaxation. Choose one of the pictures (the one you like the most!) With the outline of the horse, and then start covering it with spots of the selected colors. Attend the task and then write down its result.

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