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Pistols - games of playing with fire

Do you like entertainment with a solid dose of adrenaline? Test pistol games in which you will feel like a real… well, who? Soldier, secret agent, policeman? It depends only on you and your imagination! Get ready for exciting fun and choose the most interesting version for you. You do not need to register anywhere, all you need is an electronic device with Internet access and some free time. What skills will be useful? Agility, cleverness, accuracy and perceptiveness will certainly not be a problem.

Pixel Force is an offer for people with strong nerves. The game works in FPS (First Person Shooter) mode, so you play the role of the owner of the gun. You move through the terrain with various obstacles and natural covers (the scenery looks a bit like a maze) and you are looking for enemies to be killed. This is exactly your job! Remember that even the best and most efficient weapons have to be reloaded every a certain number of shots, so make good judgments about your abilities. In games of the pistols category, it's a good idea to have your eyes around your head.

Bullet Rush Online is, in turn, an interesting proposition for people who like engaging and addictive games on smartphones. You play the role of an armed shooter, whose task is to deal with an army of advancing enemies. Then you have to move towards the designated zone, from where the helicopter picks you up and takes you to the next level. Collect points and experience by jumping over the next levels lightly and efficiently.

aplikacja mobilna