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Monsters - games with fantastic creatures

Wild creatures, bizarre characters, magical monsters - these are the types of heroes that often appear in children's productions, series or games. They do not have to be scary and intimidating (although of course they can), in some versions they appear as sweet, adorable creatures that add variety to the action or the aesthetic layer of entertainment. And in what games can you meet them?

Monster Mover, as the name suggests, is full of fun monsters. She is child-friendly - creatures have strange expressions, but not to the point of being truly afraid of them. What is the purpose of the game? This is a match-3 item and there are tiles in front of you with a variety of pictures. This time, however, you do not move a single element, but a whole row or column, so the task is a bit more difficult (or maybe easier for you?). Get ready to go on an adventure with many levels of fun challenges ... and weirder and weirder characters.

Om Nom Connect Christmas is something in a festive atmosphere, for all fans and fans of the Christmas setting. Your task is to combine pairs of pictures with Om Nom (from the Cut The Rope series) and his friends in Christmas clothes, as well as accessories or treats associated with December time. The rule is one - the tiles must be identical (like in Mahjong or Memory), and between them there must be an opportunity to draw a maximum triple broken line. On top of all this, time is limited! Match up all the green monsters and other items to advance to the next level!

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