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MMO - for those who like group challenges

Do you know what MMOs are? The abbreviation translates as Massive Mutiplayer Online and means a type of game in which many players on the network can participate simultaneously. What's more, this formula guarantees the possibility of playing with friends (or strangers) from the other side of the globe! It's addictive gameplay - you can spend hours and hours having a lot of fun. Do you prefer shooters, space-building or sports games?

One of the very characteristic series under the MMO label is KoGaMa. These games are distinguished above all by the graphics layer - they have angular elements, made of resized pixels, and the popular 3D mode provides a fantastic experience. What fun can you play? For example, in the delightfully addictive KoGaMa Adopt Me. You have several groups in front of you - among them you choose a character you can play as (animal or human). You find yourself in a well-kept animal shelter and explore its spaces, discovering all the secrets.

KoGaMa Ski Jumping, in turn, is something for fans and supporters of one of the favorite Polish "national sports". Join the red or blue sections and visit the ski jumping competition territory. You can look wherever you want, and collect valuable diamonds on the occasion of curious walks. Explore the field and discover what interesting you can find there. How to play? Control your character with the arrows.

aplikacja mobilna