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Mice - smart rodents in games for you

Mice are portrayed in a variety of ways in pop culture, from cute smarties like Jerry in the Tom & Jerry series to home intruders who seek cheese and an opportunity to make their owners' lives miserable. In games for children, they are presented primarily as cute little creatures with whom you can play and spend time. In this section you will play races, puzzles or classic games in which the theme of these little gray rodents with long tails appears.

Mouse Hunt Runner is a classic cat and mouse game. This time your role is to play the other character! You have to run away from the sneaky tomcat that wants to eat you. Also, watch out for cacti and other obstacles in your way - they can make the predator catch you faster! Collect mouth-watering pieces of cheese and get great rewards - open boxes with bonuses that can, for example, give you an extra life. Have a nice race!

Under the Mouse Jigsaw slogan you will find classic puzzles on which, of course, mice appear. Depending on your level, choose 25, 49 or 100 pieces and warm up your brain with a great puzzle. What is your tactic - do you start with arranging the frame or do you first look for characteristic color elements that stand out? Or maybe you act differently, for example quite spontaneously? Test your puzzle skills!

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